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Does maternity leave matter if we leave?

Let us all agree, we as a society have given the least importance to our mothers. Expecting women to give life and in return leave her alone to battle for her life is a bit of an overkill. By supporting our mothers we are not just ensuring a better childcare, we are also securing a better, brighter and healthy next generation. Does it hurt giving birth? Of course, it hurts you imbecile, I have had shit that hurt.

Here is what happened when the Government proposed to increase maternity leave, it is as if when the issue of maternity leave was raised, someone from the opposition stood and asked, “wait, wait, whose mother are we talking about? Mine or everyone else’s?”
“The Radhi-Sagteng MP, Jigme Wangchuk, questioned the government on their pledge to extend maternity leave for working mothers…”
Because Radhi-Sagteng MP was born on a Lotus flower, fed by swans and raised by a deer. He grew up in the jungle, taught animal dharma while he traveled the forest on the back of a flying tiger.
Why is it hard for a man to understand this? Don’t we all have mothers? Don’t they have wives who give birth? Or sisters? A girlfriend? Common sense?
Because opposition’s job is to oppose? Even if someone passes a bill called “We should all eat food,” these guys will still come up with some screwed up bullshit about why we shouldn’t eat food. It’s like high school debate competition. We all know the shit we had to endure listening to the retards talk gibberish.

Sangay Khandu had a bit different opinion. “He said giving better job opportunities to women would be more effective than allowing extended maternity leave. He said the job securities of working mothers in private and the corporation should also be taken into account.” What better opportunities? His speech is euphemistic of a coach asking a footballer with a broken leg to come back for practice. “Look Chencho, I know you have a broken limb and probably smashed your right testicle beyond repair, but all I am saying is join back, and we will raise your salary.” What the hell coach? What the hell?
It’s almost like donating a kidney to a patient with piles. “Sure, Pema went in there for a colonoscopy to see if her rectum was doing fine, but thanks to generous MP, now she has three kidneys and unattended hemorrhoid.”
He was right about one thing, though; this will hamper the Job security of the mothers. Such regulations might put women’s livelihood at risk. Private agencies might not hire women at all.

Here is the state of it as of now:

Model Internal Service Rules of an Enterprise
–  “…shall be entitled to 3 months maternity leave on the production of a medical certificate…”
Yeah, because a bulging belly is apparently not enough. Although, they have a valid point here; most of the men in Bhutan have a big belly, they could as well, for instance, take advantage and apply for a maternity leave.
– “In an event of a miscarriage, a maximum leave of 4 weeks shall be granted on the production of a medical certificate from a recognized medical practitioner in Bhutan.” Four weeks? Just to be clear, you realize she just threw a baby out of her vagina right?

 Bhutan Civil Service Rules and Regulations 2010
– Three months leave with basic pay
– Mother with babies up to 12 months will get lunch time from 12 noon to 2 pm

Here is our suggestion:

– Leave should start at least two weeks before the due date.
– Maternity leaves for six months.
– One year of flexi-time.
– Two-hour lunch breaks for up to two years.

Not just the job-goers, women in the rural areas should also be looked into. When it comes to alimony, villagers are complete assholes. It is beyond my empathy that society has so long looked down on women. Failing to support women even with such necessities on the Government’s part legitimizes domestic violence, encourages patriarchy and upholds the sexist society that we have always been. Don’t act like you respect your mother if you for a fact fail to realize that she almost died to give you life; and as a result, fail to support her morally in these matters.

We are capable of empathy; we are capable of perceiving pain that’s why we don’t have to chop off our fingers to learn that it would hurt. This shouldn’t just be civil service rules; rather this should be a bill that will be eventually passed on as an Act. We’re not just talking about servicewomen; we’re talking about mothers in general.

I would like to apologize to all you mothers out there for being an asshole. Dear Bhutanese, let us not be the assholes our ancestors were. What better way to honor the women who brought you into this world than this? Please share, Facebook, tweet and write until we ensure the government does something about it.

Thimphu hates taxi drivers, taxi drivers hate RSTA

Thimphu hates taxi drivers, taxi drivers hate RSTA, RSTA hates everybody, and everybody hates RSTA. It’s the circle of hate.

Okay, first the speed breakers that had us gnashing our teeth, and when we had just begun to make peace with the speed breakers, came then the Taxi stand. For God’s sake, why do we keep on experimenting with things when a simple common sense could have solved almost all the bad decisions? Need examples? How about the ugly green fences in between the Thimphu Babesa highway? I can’t believe it took at least few case of deaths and a visit from the Indian Prime Minister for someone to realize finally “shit! That was really stupid.”

Let us, for a moment assume that the speed breakers are for the good of the general public and that we will follow rules like a well-trained dingo. Even dogs require tremendous amounts of beatings to train them; we are human, the biologically superior idiots.

Thanks to RSTA, now basically, just to get a ride, we will have to walk half a mile to the nearest taxi stop and wait. Where’s the logic in that? Isn’t the sole and only purpose of a Taxi to pick us and drop us any places we want them to reach us? It’s like an entire department is filled with stupid people. Erm.. my doubt, how can an entire department be filled with stupid people? I mean how can you not see that? Frankly, it is quite astounding that of the hundreds of staff they have, nobody, not even a single guy had the balls to walked up to his boss and say, ‘Sir that is the most stupid idea I have ever heard in decades. Can we stop this gibberish?’

Why doesn’t the rule apply to the city bus? Just because it belongs to the government? How come a city bus can stuff in as many passengers like an Indian Local train and nobody bats an eye? Now you tell me RSTA, in what Universe is that not corruption?

Having said, how can you win a fight with RSTA? The universe works in perfect motion because they approve of it. Every time they speak, a poor child in Africa gets cured of AIDS. I give up.
There is no point to this article; it’s like teaching compassion to a bear. After a thousand try, realizing you have wasted all these time for nothing, you look at yourself, nod your head and mumble, “Man, what the heck was wrong with me?”

My opinions are only regarding the Taxi stand, and I wish that they would take it into considerations and come up with something that will benefit us all instead of being a bureaucratic asshole.
Please share this! A couple in Babesa ignored this article and immediately a huge goiter grew on their neck.

Why is this place a no parking area? Oh, I get it. The police owns that road.

Why is this place a no parking area? Oh, I get it. The police own that road.