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  1. Tshering Choden says:

    The Indian newspaper The Hindu recently published a deeply disturbing article (20th August) by Suhasini Haidar, titled “Sovereignty and sensitivity: on India-Bhutan relations.”

    By saying that two strong political parties are attacking the present Prime Minister over his “pro-India”, the article implies they are “anti-India”. It also implies that one party is doing something illegal by involving religious figures who are barred from politics in Bhutan. Both allegations are totally wrong and misleading.

    But what worries me most is that such talk in the Indian press may lay the ground for India once again to interfere and meddle in Bhutan’s upcoming elections, as it blatantly did in the last election.

    If India wants good relations with its friendliest neighbour, it must never again undermine Bhutan’s democracy as it did in 2013. Doing that now will backfire and create a serious backlash. The government and press of India must respect our democratic process.

    Tshering Choden, Thimphu

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