Ban slaughter house, says hypocrites

Now about the recent announcement of Government planning to open slaughterhouses in Bhutan, we have thousands of comments and hate status’ flooding across Facebook protesting against the idea, because two things happened in Bhutan; internet and freedom of speech. It is seen okay to slaughter animals as long as it is being carried out someplace far, someplace NOT in Bhutan, because Bhutan is a Buddhist country; as much as we don’t support slaughtering animals as  it is seen as something profane, we don’t at all mind consuming, for meat is one vital source of protein, besides the treat to the taste buds. Double Standards!

What struck me the most was the hypocrisy adorned with the self-righteous mentality in those comments. Show them a picture of chicken biryani and they will say “yummy,” “delicious,” “give me the recipe dude” and all but show them a picture of a slaughter house and they will immediately launch into a diatribe about animal rights, sin and how the meat eaters will be cooked in hot boiling oil in Dorji Ngewa and then be born as a cow and be slaughtered. Ask a Hindu and they will say “but cow is goddess dude, how can you kill your goddess?” Yeah! Because it’s okay to slaughter goats as they are not cows. What a logic.

We talk about freedom of choice and all yet these bigots choose to abide by and shove down upon others’ throats, a particular streak of carefully chosen doctrines and dogmas woven into a set of Dos and Don’ts that the rest of us are suppose to follow like a blind sheep.

And some illiterate idiots will go on even exemplifying Nepal saying “You want Earthquake like Nepal?” Because geographical phenomenon like the plate tectonic movement is mostly initiated by the number of buffalos killed. That leads us to a ground-breaking discovery in the field of geology that the dinosaurs must have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of buffalos that initiated the great Indian tectonic movement which formed the Himalayas some 50 million years ago. I am sure every time these fanatics post stupidity like that; there is a Geography teacher somewhere banging his bemused little head against the wall.

And did you know that we consume more than 5000 cows every year and how do you justify that with your pseudo-religious dumb-wit? Have you seen the line outside the meat shop a day before a month-long meat ban? A month long supply of meat is stored, and then what? Who cares about the ban? What I know from my experience is that Bhutanese will start stealing each other’s goats and chickens but won’t become a vegetarian because of meat ban.

To further throw light on the subject we have called Lopen Phakpa Lama here at Bhutan Pundit studio.
Bhutan Pundit: So, Lopen Phakpa Lama, can you elaborate on the recent frenzy about the whole slaughter house thingy that has stormed the internet?
Phakpa Lama: Tok tok chem chem pai namjay…
Bhutan Pundit:  Whoa, whoa, whoa…hold your horses, sir. Mind your language.

Advantages of having a slaughter house
1. We spend an enormous amount of money in importing meat. Imagine the impact that will bring on our farmers economically.
2. Since we have a very robust regulatory systems like BAFRA, the quality of meat will obviously be well looked into.
3. The spread of diseases will be significantly controlled.
4. Huge economic boost.
5. The outflow of IC can be controlled in millions.
6. God knows the kinds of cancerous substances we’ve been consuming. I fear.
7. I doubt what chemicals they feed the animals or what preservatives they use.

Disadvantages of  having a slaughter house
1. Impending Earthquake.
2. Due to too much consumption of meat, entire population of Bhutan might die of diabetes.

Now, thanks to the thousands of bandwagoning idiots; because we’re now pressured to live up to the expectations of countless morons who dictate how the rest of us should live our lives based on some well-intentioned idiocy coined by some first century sage and to play our part in their contrived narrative to bring closure to the Idea of our choice and freedom.
Congratulations. You won.

Comment, mortals


  1. I don’t know why most people believe that buying meat and killing are not the same….. YOU ARE PAYING the slaughter house to kill…. its the same as assigning an assasin to kill…. the dirty job may be done by some body else, but the karma will be fixed with all those who are involved in the dirty job…. even if you are at 1000 leagues distance….. I don’t want our country to bath in the dirty air of selfishness of people who don’t respect karma…. one way or another, the law of cause and effect always plays out….. this article is very though provoking…. thank you for writing it…..

  2. Slaughterhouse or Meat processing Unit in Bhutan Argument (copied from facebook)
    Hundreds of unproductive Animals(male calves and old cows) will come from diary farms to be slaughtered in the augmented slaughterhouses, not just for local demand but also for export. Slaughterhouse is still alive.
    When the import of vehicles were alarming and causing huge rupee flowing out, government levied high tax. Why can’t we do the same here ? With vehicle we do not have alternate option but with meat we have option. People will automatically for for cheaper alternative that is vegetables. This will result in reduction of import of meat.
    If the import of cigarettes is going up, does it mean we should open cigarettes company in Bhutan? That would be an easy and cheapest solution. Making money is not a difficult task if we are to resort to cheap solutions like that. The reason why we have our experts is to find a solution within some criteria. Why even worry about environment if economy is the only worry? We can built many dirty industries. So I plead government to reconsider.
    Some call Bhutan hypocrite because we eat meat but don’t kill. But can I ask livestock officials to kill a cow because they are planning a slaughterhouse ? If they cannot kill themselves, then they are hypocrites because they are promoting slaughterhouse but cannot kill themselves. So the point is there is more to such situation than just make judgements. We are cultured to eat meat so it is not easy for people to understand. But by opening slaughterhouse, you are encouraging people to eat more. The cost of meat will go down when supply in boosted like that.
    Most of all, I am worried Bhutanese will consider killing of animals as acceptable practice. Like some religions say, animals are meant for us. They also accept it is okay to kill some people. In these countries including some parts of India, a kid butchers a goat with no feeling. Do we want our children to be like that in our peaceful nation? Such kids will grow up to think murderers or terrorists. So please please. Think again. We are not in such bad shape to resort for killing our animals.
    The main reason for such cruel way of making money as we have been told is because of economic reasons. Let me put my case here on different grounds.
    The animal slaughterhouse will not create any job or minimal jobs (if any) because like any industries in Bhutan or Nepal the people who will be working will be Indians. Mostly Indian Muslims.Bhutanese will not work for such jobs. Therefore the money flows to India again.
    The animal farms will need huge quantity of grains to feed them. As per many researches in west, animal farm needs more grains than we normally eat if we directly ate plants. Now the question arises, where will we bring all the grains? From India to flow out Rupees? Or are we going to plant in Bhutan by replacing already insufficient vegetable and rice fields? Bhutan has only 6% arable land, mind that. This means we want to grow meat and import more vegetables and rice. Do we want vegetable prices to shoot up and meat price to go down?. Does it solve problem of economy? Not at all.
    I wonder what is our National Environment Commission doing. NEC makes sure our climate harmful projects do not get through. If NEC has done a smallest homework, they will know animal farms emit more Green House Gas than all the vehicles combined. On one hand NEC very strict on our industries and on other hand it’s ok to relaxed rule implementation. Just google it. Some countries in the west have policies to reduce consumption of meat. For example check policies in Germany and some Europe. They are correcting their mistake and here we are making mistake knowingly. NEC wake up please. NEC should propose green tax on meat. Methane depletes ozone more than cars.
    Our own dratshang Lhentshok is supposed to spread compassion and the teachings or Lord Buddha. Buddha’s statue is seen as a symbol of peace and non violence and we see even in non buddhist houses. I heard our Dratshang Lhengtshok is writing a letter of plea to our leaders. I hope it has already been written to stop this cruel business. I hope our leaders are listening.
    There are multiple negative impact of meat. If we are seriously wanting to tackle the problem of high meat import, tax it. Vehicle tax did not work because people have no viable alternative. That is why people still bought cars. Our public transport is horrible and electric cars is seen not viable. But meat can be taxed because there is a viable alternative vegetables. Till date because of higher meat price, people do not eat much meat except for well off people. Go to villages, meat is only served for special occasions. Their normal diet is vegetables. So the point is if meat is expensive, the consumption will reduce. That is simple economics. The elasticity of meat is high. But if you put animal farms and kill more, people will eat more and more. Like in the west, Bhutanese will be eating meat more than vegetables. Is that what Government wants? US is one third overweight with numerious lifestyle dieseases. U.S. Pays a lot on their health. Cancers is linked to red meat. Please think in long term.
    Taxing meat wil also bring more resources in government’s budget. To curb import of meat, Gvoernment can promote vegetarian foods. Encourage different recipes of vegetarians.

  3. Answers to your lies and assumptions. Non of the advantage is true. You are an intelligent person would know. Whoever wrote that is a liar and assuming too much. We are all smart people. We can check facts with little effort on google.

    1. Anybody can say it will help economy just like that without prove and reasoning. When so many animals are raised, where are we going to bring feeds for animals?? Our land is not enough to feed them. So, the answer is import feedstock in millions of tons. Rupee will out flow more than directly importing meat.
    2. BAFRA has failed that is why we have bird flue frequently. Many birds had to be killed. We have heard enough on news.
    3.Spread of diesease? When did we ever hear about diesease from bad quality meat? I never heard from hospitals of anywhere else? We are justifying based on non existent or assumptous situation. That is funny.
    4. & 5 Economy Boost? Out flow controlled ? LieThat has been answered in 1. Why repeat again just to make people think there are more advantage.
    6. In US the cancers are caused by processed meat. Just check the facts on google.
    7. In Bhutanese diary farms they feed karma feed. Did we see what they feed in karma feeds? Chemicals. Go check if you dont belive. That is why the animals get fatter than normal.

    1. Environmentally animal killing farms hurt our environment very badly. A lot of green house gas wil be emitted, more than all our vehicles and industries combined. Dont belive? check on google.Even UN has said. Check
    2. Processed food is the main cause of health diesess in US. ONe third of americans are overweight, the main cause is the processed meat. Too much meat that now they cannot afford vegetables.
    3. Morally it is wrong to live on others lives. Imagine there is a superior being who eats human flesh. Imgaine we are in the slaughterhouse to be killed for meat. It is our duty as human to be different.
    4. In Bhutan GNH is enshirened in constitution. How can we have GNH by killing our animals and polluting our environment? It is not right. Even international committees have now started to appeal to our government, not just people of Bhutan. Isnt it time we stop?

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