Bhutanese public toilet, also known as bush

How many times did you enter a public toilet and find it overflowing with shit, filled with sticks or swarmed with flies? Always. How many public toilets do we have in Bhutan? Very few. What then? We have to run to the mercy of nature to relief … [Continue reading]

Night hunting, a tradition of rape?

Ask what is the full form of BHUTAN to an Eastern boy, he'd instantly reply Boys-Hunting-Use-Torch-At-Night. We all enjoy the good night hunting Jokes, especially the guy that said: "meaw I am a cat." But know this, morons, that concealed within the … [Continue reading]

Rest in Peace Bhutanese singers. Or go mow the lawn.

Bhutanese singers can go work in a bar or go to Australia to mow some white douche's lawn. The truth is, like India, we don't have Music Industry anymore. Nobody buys music, cough...cough except Truck drivers. We'd been hearing Nidup Dorji, … [Continue reading]

I don’t understand Bhutanese films

Do you want to watch a movie that is a poor imitation of Korean romance, South Indian action and Bollywood comedies of Jonny Lever days? Watch a Bhutanese film. Plotline/synopsis of 80% of Bhutanese films: OK the heroine's dad is a … [Continue reading]

Misty Terrace’s Song’s all about Highways

I was carefully analyzing Misty Terrace's songs. I cracked the code! It's all about Highways. Yonphula Highway, Babesa Highway, Kabesa to Babesa Highway. Now one can fairly predict their next song could be about Phuentsholing Highway, perhaps with … [Continue reading]

Bhutan Telecom, never there for you

This post is not intended to bring any changes whatsoever. You see, years of complaining about their shitty services without any improvement on their part proved a great deal of waste of time, and you encourage yourself instead to move on with life … [Continue reading]

From baktang ball to World Cup qualifying match

First of all congratulations to Team Bhutan for the miraculous win. Those cuss muttering, nail biting, fingers crossing moments in wait and disbelief proved the world and us wrong. We did it. Although most of us saw the moment 10 minutes later, … [Continue reading]

Are MPs and Ministers robbing our country?

Here is my thought on the recent Salary hike for the Ministers and MPs. I believe the MPs and ministers should be paid high, give them more facilities so that qualified people are willing to quit their jobs and join politics. You see, it’s a risk … [Continue reading]

So, you’re here huh!

This site contains none of your business and is for my amusement only. You do not have permission to access the contents and if you do decide to enter this site, you agree to waive all rights. I will be posting contents here which many might … [Continue reading]