“The future of our Nation lies in Potato farming.”

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa, you guys need to chill the heck out, bro. I understand your partial lack of knowledge on Economics or anything for that matter. Okay, two things; your Facebook is a profile instead of a page (dumb, dumb); and secondly, you believe that sheep were the reason our country went into debt? Come on, man. You could have blamed those stupid buffalos, all they do is sit all day long and fart, which is as some reliable source pointed out, the number one cause of ozone depletion. But sheep? Seriously?

Calm down. We’re not on the verge of default, nowhere near Greece, those guys must have been spending on hookers. At least we know we’re not. Or, do we?

Most of the Loans we have taken are Hydropower loans. You see those tunnels they have dug in Punatshangchu? Apparently, they require money. I mean who would have thought it would cost money, right? Okay, come here, put your bong down, let’s talk sense for a while. ‘There is a difference between investment and spending; debt and a Loan.’ I borrow money to buy a cow, now that is an investment. But, I borrow money to purchase a cow and butcher it for beef, now that is spending.

And as usual, great pundits on Facebook decided to weigh in on the debate with their highly knowledgeable status’. Their vision, unblurred. Their knowledge of Economics, unparalleled; in that, it did not parallel with anyone actually having knowledge of economics. Barking on the internet like a mad dog chasing car. To blindly disapprove because you don’t support the political party doesn’t make you a patriot. It makes you a myopic douche-bag with a smartphone. So please get your head out of your ass and try looking out of the Facebook pond you apparently live in, and do some research instead of giving your hypocritical lectures.

So, what’s your point assholes? That we give up development? That we give up Hydro Electric project and go back to potato farming? You’re not one of them that thinks that Isolation was the best thing that happened to our country, are you?

What was even funnier was our Lyonchen lashing out at it immediately, not necessarily to explain things; but obviously to send DNT back to their respective caves. While DNT was apparently trying to gain political mileage, PDP was visibly trying to protect one. You ran your campaign by blaming DPT; it is only reasonable for someone to do the same to you too. I mean this is politics, right? You build your castle on the sand by selling dreams.

Let’s not once again reduce the debate of national concern down to PDP versus DPT argument. This country is not about PDP, DPT, DNT, Aum Neten’s party, and other parties nobody gives a rat’s ass to; this is a country that needs leaders or aspiring leaders with a temperament slightly more than that of Jackson Drukpa.
One Government fails to uphold the decisions of the previous Government. How can a decision that was passed by the National Assembly be dismissed so easily? This only points to the fact that we are nothing more than bitchy teenage girls not liking each other, and as such this Great Nation of our’s remains divided. Politically, at least.

Are we really the kind of Nation that loses its cool over a drop of a hat? It got me thinking; we are such a young and vibrant democracy, why do we still fail so much? Oh, then I realized we are just eight years old, and just like any eight-year toddler, we spend an enormous amount of time being an asshole, screaming for no reason, and eating our own poop.

Pelden Drukpa Gyalo.

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