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I will be posting contents here which many might deem offensive and politically incorrect so viewer discretion is highly advised. This site may not be appropriate for people who do not take positive criticism and constructive feedback. However, I am not a coward like the guys behind Bhutanomics hence no false information and personal defamation will be allowed. Also this site will try to remain as apolitical as possible.

All the readers are strictly advised to wear pants while browsing this site.

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  1. Bitch please!! I Loved it, licked it n shoved it.

  2. som ongchu says:

    Yes, thats what i was yearning for till now…… Some more bishnu broda….. (Y)

  3. I liked all of your articles. Please, I am waiting for some more t come. I enjoyed reading them all and I don’t get tired re reading them. Please upload some more.

    A sincere fan.

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