Are MPs and Ministers robbing our country?

Here is my thought on the recent Salary hike for the Ministers and MPs.
I believe the MPs and ministers should be paid high, give them more facilities so that qualified people are willing to quit their jobs and join politics. You see, it’s a risk factor, and it takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice on their part. When politics is not so attractive, no one qualified is willing to take that risk. What? You mean to say that people should quit their better jobs for something that is less attractive and pays less? Why don’t you break up with your girlfriend and start dating an orangutan? They’re running a country, not poultry farms, you hillbilly.

As a result, politics have become a massive slum for the jobless and unqualified, half-brained good for nothing, rejected-from-every-job graduates. No one takes politics seriously anymore. And this is true, you know it, you’ve seen it. Past seven years of democracy has perhaps taught us a thing or two, and in particular, how painful it is for the power to fall in the wrong hands. We’ve directly or indirectly faced the repercussions of our votes. You need experience and wisdom that comes from it to run a country, not your final year mark sheet. I’m not saying older should rule, I’m just saying qualified people should.

We Bhutanese should, instead of shouting like a retard, strive towards a fairer democracy where it doesn’t become a fish market for every dog with a voice to fight for the chicken bone. When everyone has a voice, it becomes noise.

Now you can argue about it, debate with me, shout at me, call me a moron but you have to know one thing that I have a huge penis, and therefore your argument is invalid.