From baktang ball to World Cup qualifying match

First of all congratulations to Team Bhutan for the miraculous win. Those cuss muttering, nail biting, fingers crossing moments in wait and disbelief proved the world and us wrong. We did it. Although most of us saw the moment 10 minutes later, thanks to our internet speed, we all shouted with joy for the first time ever.

And this is from a country that gives the least importance to sports. Come on, don’t we have a better reason than tackling drug issues to invest in sports? For the fact that most of us Bhutanese footballers grew up practicing football with paper stuffed sock ball; out in the maize field, with twisted toe nail, wearing a gho, barefoot, while half of the attention diverted towards keeping yourselves from falling so that you don’t expose your bare naked butt.

Bhutanese sportsman should be taken seriously. They should be paid high. They carry us all into the world stage. The world will decide our image based on what they see in them.

I think we have hope, and the hope will perhaps guide us in taking football and sports seriously. Let’s not be a ding-a-ling.
And please say no to ugly Photoshop of the team with a lightening backdrop.